·  July 2015 – June 2016

·  Sant Antoni de Calonge

·  Interior renovation of a house

One of the premises of the renovation is to create a daytime area (living room, dining room and kitchen) nice and integrated between the different parts, forming a single group.

The living room is the central area, organizing the whole renovation, with a clear focus on the fireplace. It is equally located on the corner of the room, but is given much more importance and opens towards the space, helped by the longitudinal bench that runs through the wall.

The dining room is the extension of this space, in a more closed area but also enjoying the full wideness generated. In the small hall, there is a closet, which allows for giving a little privacy when entering and is, at the same time, a very functional element is placed.

Finally, the kitchen is entirely remade and the door moves, becoming larger, in the central part of the wall opening. There is a vocation to be visually open to the other spaces but still possible to isolate when necessary. This is the reason of the sliding glass door design, which ends up being another important element.

This door can be used to close the kitchen or hallway leading to the rooms, creating two distinct areas, day and night. Whenever there is the need to have a single space fully open, the door simply moves next to the fireplace and placed in front of the blind wall, being integrated in space.

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