·  September 2011 – July 2012

·  Architecture degree, etsaB UPC

·  Final degree project: Public library in Figueres

This project starts with the idea of improving the rear area of the historical center of the city, a little damaged, and help connect the center with the area further north (in a state of consolidation and growth). Taking advantage of the flow of people bordering the location, it is to draw attention to this inner dead zone by creating a new library and urbanization of the square and the adjacent pedestrian streets.

Due to a variety of alignments, I decide to follow the main street alignment by a facade that leads me to the square, with a 20x40m building with ground floor and three upper floors.
Access is on from the square through a porch 9m deep, which allows the public space of the square get into the library. This is an introverted building giving great importance to the interior spaces.

The concept of this building originates from four parallel walls that become two side boxes.
Within these large boxes, services and facilities required for the library are placed, as well as small or special spaces (classrooms for groups, areas of music and image…).

The wide central part of 11m wide is designed to locate the areas of reading, consultation and study, being much more fluid and diaphanous. The floors of the library are attached two to two with double spaces through the ends, in order to create a single winding space.

The ground floor differs from the rest of the building and can act independently, as a meeting point or civic center for the neighborhood, using the outer space of the square. It contains the entrance hall with an exhibition area, a multipurpose room and a bar (which has access from both inside and outside).
The first floor is used as the children’s library and the main reading room with great views of the square.
The second floor contains the administration department and a reading and study area, with a balcony to the lower floor (double frontal space).
The third floor, more like a half floor due to the inclined shape of the building contains more reading and study area with another balcony (with views over the double space in the back).